A very easily digested collection of poems about food

“These delightful and delicious poems, with their wit and whimsey and their creativity and insight, bring a smile of recognition and remembrances of simple pleasures and days gone by.”
Jan Longone (Curator of American Culinary History, Clements Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

“Marvin Brandwin is a master of rhymed poetry. His delightful food poems have the humor of Ogden Nash, the charm of Mr Rogers, and the creativity of Mozart. Give yourself the pleasure of dining on this Smorgasbord of Verse.”
Davy Rothbart (Creator of Found Magazine and contributor to National Public Radio's This American Life)

“This collection of poems is a potpourri of food related rhymes having ingredients of humor and empathy, at times seasoned with a pinch of cynicism.”
Charing Cross Press

Author's Note

… I appreciate your interest and welcome you into my thoughts. My intent is to evoke, through a whimsical use of words and rhyme, some experiences, memories, attitudes and concerns you may have about food and nutritional issues. In some of these verses, the foods too, are given the opportunity to present their own thoughts and feelings.

I hope the poems will give you something enjoyable to chew on, and will please both the adult and inner child. And I invite you to share with me the kind of playful imagination and humor that is so essential to ease the harsher realities of life.